Methods to Apply Full Lace Wig

Methods to Apply Full Lace Wig

Virgin human hair full lace wigs can offer a easy and quick way to change your appearance. They are also a better alternative for women who are struggling from hair loss or thin hair. However, there are also problems of keeping a wig in place while in some occasion. There are some easy and cheap methods to ensure that your full lace wig stay on and does not fly off in embarrassing occasion.

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Use Wig Glue:
Women who wear lace wigs choose to use wig glue,this is because when correctly applied, it can hold a lace wig in place whenever you go between one and five days. Such glue is available in hair supply stores and also can be bought online easily. First, clean the area where glue will be applied with rubbing alcohol. Apply the glue to the circumference of head around the hairline in a thin line. Place the edge of your full lace wig on the outer edge of the glue and press it in, leaving it to dry and securely seal. To safely remove the glue, apply a glue solvent made specifically for wig glue, so the wig can be lifted off easily.

Wig Tape:
Although wig glue secures full lace wig to your head, some feel the application cumbersome and messy. Consequently, many wearers like tape to hold their full lace wig. It can be purchased at beauty supply stores everywhere. Wig tape, which is double-sided, can be applied around the perimeter of your head, where the edge of the wig will be attached on it. Once in place, the full lace wig should be gently applied onto the tape.

Combs and clips:
Combs and clips are usually used to secure lace front wigs.but recent year,lots of women like use combs to secure full lace wigs as well. wig glue and wig tape have been known to irritate sensitive scalp. Combs and clips,  do not cause such problem and are easy to apply and remove quickly. To use this method, you must add combs and clips on your full lace wig(you can let seller to add combs and clips for you). place your full lace wig in exactly the position you want it to stay. Insert two or more clips at either temple and then some clips around the nape at the back. Also, place one clip on boths sides behind each ear. Ensure that the clips are the same color or close to the color of your wig hair, and camouflage them in hair so that they are undetectable. Most full lace wigs don’t have adjustable straps at back like lace front wigs,When properly attached, the Combs and clips can keep the unit in place.

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