How to Apply Full and Lace Front Wigs by Double Side Tapes

How to Apply Full and Lace Front Wigs by Double Side Tapes

What we mention double side wig tape is not the same as the double sided tape from the craft section. Wig tape is specially formulated to adhere to skin and uses paper backing to protect glue on both sides of the tape. The most important thing to consider when applying double-side tape to a lace front wig is the presence or absence of a bonding area on the hairline of the lace wig. Without this bonding area or area of coated threads, repeated application and removal of the tape will cause the lace threads to deteriorate and the lace wig hair shedding. add one before application of the lace wig.

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Things needed:Nylon wig cap,Razor,Scissors.

1.Wash and dry your own hair. Secure it in cornrow or with a nylon wig cap.

2.Shave or cut any baby hairs around your hair line to protect them from the adhesive stain left.

3.Examine the hair line of the lace front wig for a bonding area. When necessary,paint on a wig undercoating to the hair line.

4.Cut the double side tape into 2 or 3 inch strips and remove the paper backing from one side. Smaller strips will be easier to shape to the hair line and won’t wrinkling the tape.

5.Press the tape onto the entire hairline of the lace wig. Cut the tape as necessary to conform it to the shape of the hairline. The more tape you apply, the more secure for the lace wig.

6.Dog-ear the paper backing on the other side of the tape, but do not remove it. This will make it easier to pull off the backing once the lace wig is attached.

7.Wipe your hair line with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to remove any body oils on it.

8.Put on the lace wig and align the hairline that can match your natural hair line.

9.Lift the edge of the lace front wig hairline at front, center of the wig. Remove the backing from the piece or pieces of of tape you have revealed and press the tape into your skin. Continue working around your hairline, alternating between the left and right sides to attach the lace front wig evenly.

10.Tie a silk or nylon scarf around the lace front wig at the hair line to press the lace front wig tightly to your skin while the adhesive sets. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to speed the work.

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