How to Apply Full Lace Wig Without Adhesive or Glue?

How to Apply Full Lace Wig Without Adhesive or Glue?

Full lace wigs are made with mesh lace that the individual hair strands are tied onto it by hands. There are different lace types and colors,such as transparent,light brown,medium brown,dark brown,black color. the general lace types are French lace and Swiss lace.They are designed to blend in with your own scalp and hairline color to create natural looks. Lace wigs are commonly attached with adhesive,glue or tape to achieve a longer hold. However, if you do not want to use adhesive on your skin or lace wig, you can attach wig clips to your lace wig. Wig clips are easy to sew onto your lace wig,they allow you to remove it at once so you can tend to your natural hair when at home,sleep or swimming.

lace wig applying

Things need to prepare in advance:Wig clips,Weaving needle and thread,Hair clamps.
1.For a full lace wig ,you should sew clips onto your full lace wig first,we have articles about how to sew clips onto the full lace wig and lace front wig for your reference.
2.Flip your full lace wig or lace front wig inside out. Pull the hair on the wig into a ponytail or place a clamp around it so that it does not get into the way when you start to sew the wig clips on to the lace wig!

3.Thread the weaving needle using a thread similar to the hair color on the lace wig to make the wig clips less detectable to create natural looking wig.
4.Grab one of the wig clips and place the bottom of the clip at the bottom, middle portion of the wig. Make sure to let the teeth on the clips are facing you!

5.Insert your weaving needle underneath the lace front wig or full lace wig and then through the hole on the clip. Move to the next hole and insert the clip through the hole and then back down through the lace wig. Repeat this procedure until you have sewn through every hole of the wig clip.

6.Place another lace wig clip approximately 3 inches away from the clip that you have just sewn onto the lace wig. Repeat the same procedure to attach the clips to the lace.

7.Turn the lace wig to the right side about an inch above where your ear would be and attach another wig clip in this place. Repeat this same procedure for the left side of the lace wig. Do not attach any clips in the front of the lace wig, because it can be seen around your hairline.

8.Flip the lace wig back into the right position and place it on your head. Insert the wig clips into your hair to secure the wig in place firmly. Remove the hair clamp from the wig and then you can style your full lace wig or lace front wig to the style you like.

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