How to Add Human Hair Weave Wefts on Lace Front Wig?

How to Add Human Hair Weave Wefts on Lace Front Wig?

Most women love human hair lace wigs because of the natural appearance of the hairline and scalp.This is the part of the wig that must be preserved,or the wig is useless.human hair lace wigs also can create natural looking that nobody will know you are wearing a wig.After repeated washing,combing and brushing,strands of hair fall out one by one.over time, the lace wigs can become so thin that many lace wig users think they have to buy a new lace wig.If you have a lace front wig as opposed to a full lace wig, however, you can sew a human hair weave weft or hair extensions onto it to make the lace wig more thicker.Full lace wigs do not allow for thickness additions(unless you send back to factory to add hair).With full lace wigs, you can only add hair length with hair weave wefts sewn beneath the hairline in the back of the full lace wig.
how to make hair thicker?
1.Purchase human hair weaves with the same color and texture as your lace wig wearing now.

sew in hair weave

2.Place the lace front wig wrong-side up on your head. Part your hair from ear to ear using the back edge of the exposed lace as a guide. This part is where you will sew your lace wig down to cover the human hair weave wefts that will be sewn in.

3.Remove your lace front wig. Clip down hair in the front to separate it from hair in the back of the wig.

4.Make four vertical, equal-sized parts in the back of the head. Braid connecting U-shaped cornrows using two sections of hair at a time. Equal-sized cornrow in the back are important,because this is where the human hair weave wefts are sewn in.

5.Start by braiding sections of hair closest to the ears down,and connect them in an upward braid with hair in the adjacent section.All your parts will be visible when this is done.

6.Make cornrow in the front going back to meet the upward cornrow shooting up from the back. You can part anyway you like as long at the cornrow are going backward.

7.Sew loose cornrow together along your horizontal part to create an anchor track. This is where your lace front wig will be sewn in.

8.Sew in your human hair weave wefts horizontally across the back of the head until the entire back of your head is covered up to the anchor you made in the horizontal part of the wig.

9.Place your lace front wig on top of your head. The back of it will line up with the braid anchor because you used it to make your part as a guide in Step 2 .

10.Sew the back of the lace front wig onto your anchor.Blend the lace front wig hair into the weave hair with a brush to create natural looking.

11.Lift up the front of the lace wig and secure it to the with either glue or contour strip tap scalp as you normally would.

12.Apply oil sheen and hairspray as needed for a smooth finish,the lace front wig become thicker and more realistic now.

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