How to Curl and Care Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Curl and Care Human Hair Lace Wigs

Good quality human hair wigs have many advantages than synthetic hair wigs.human hair wigs not only look very natural,they are also very easy to style,easy to change hair color,they are safe to your scalp and feel comfortable.Their are lots of lace wig buyers don’t know,however,that you cannot style human hair wigs the same way as you would style on real human hair on head.There are a number of different things that you should know about how to curl human hair wigs!
1.Only use a wire wig brush on the human hair wigs.A pick is also acceptable to use.Regular brushes and combs should not be used to brush the wig,under any circumstances. Although this does not sound very important,it is necessary for keeping your human hair wig in the best condition,for some super tight curls,such as afro curl,jerry curl,spiral curl,it only can be finger combed.

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2.Gently brush the Human hair wigs.If there are any tangles in the wig,do not rip the brush through the hair to get them out.Begin at the bottom of the hair,and gently work them out of the wig as you move up.When you are rough with the wig,the hair will be much more likely to fall out.
3.Use hot rollers,a curling iron,or a flat iron to curl the hair.When you use hot styling tools to curl the hair, it’s important to make sure that you do not have the heat setting up too high. It’s also important to make sure that you are very gentle when you use these styling tools.Yanking them through the hair will cause the hair to break and fall out.
4.Hold the curls in place with wig spray.Since it is human hair,you can also use hair spray that is designed for human hair.When using either of these sprays on human hair wigs,it’s important to never apply too much.

5.Wash human hair wigs on occasion.It’s important to avoid washing any human hair wig every day.But in order to get rid of any hair products that you use to hold the curls in place on the human hair wig you should wash it about every 6 to 10 days.Wash human hair wigs with wig shampoo and rinse in cool water only.Then, repeat the process with wig conditioner you’ll get your desired style and wonderful looking!

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