How to Avoid Front Lace Wigs Frizzing

How to Avoid Front Lace Wigs Frizzing

Human hair front lace wigss won’t frizz so easily like synthetic front lace wigs.When you paid much money to buy a good quality front lace wigs and you just want your hair to look presentable like others.One of the important problems with lace wigs is that they tend to tangle and frizz sometimes if the quality is not so good. A frizzed front lace wig can let you looks more apparent it is a wig and actually work against the looking you want to present. By taking care of your lace wig, you can increase your public confidence easily.

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1.Shampoo your front lace wigs once every 15 wearings or 7~10 days.Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for synthetic hair.For human hair wigs, use regular shampoo and conditioner.

2.Apply a curling iron on low setting to the ends of frizzed wig hair.Before applying heat to the front lace wig,test a small patch of hair near the nape of the neck; some front lace wig hair responds poorly to heat and can melt or frizz more.

3.Store your front lace wig on a wig stand to prevent tangling and frizzing. Wig hair stands look like human heads,keeping the band from folding and allowing air to flow through the wig fibers.

4.Avoid heat sources,such as open ovens, barbeque grills or open flames.All of these heat sources melt the synthetic fibers of a front lace wig,causing excess frizzing.Additionally, avoid steam,such as that from dishwashers or hot showers.when you have to wear your front lace wigs around heat,don a lightly wrapped scarf on the hair to protect your front lace wig from frizz.

5.Avoid rubbing your lace front wig against fabrics.The friction created by hair or synthetic fibers brushing against fabrics can cause frizzing.

6.Trim the tips of the front lace wig hair when the wig becomes too frizzy.

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