How to Care for Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Care for Human Hair Lace Wigs

Eclacehair has been selling good high quality human hair lace wigs on world market for around 10 years. Due to so many years of experience, lace wigs mainly include full lace wig and lace front wig.they have gotten many useful tips about lace wigs and is now sharing their professional tips and methods of how to care for lace wigs.

washing lace wigs

Styling tips:

Hot styling tools used on hair must be used on human hair lace wigs, like hot blow drier, curling irons, flat irons and similar tools can be used in the same way as people's real hair.

If wig hair become frizzy,it's better to try wig spray to calm the frizz and then comb the wig hair gently. When lace wigs are tangled, use some detangling or sheen spray when you comb the lace wig hair. Remember to start from the bottom of the hair and then combing up.

Washing lace wigs tips:

Human hair lace wigs are the most popular, so we recommend these hair care instructions below:

Gently brush the full lace wig or lace front wig to remove teasing or tangling with a wide tooth comb.When brushing,start at the ends and work their way to the roots.
Rinse with cool to lukewarm water.(Water should be at room temperature or slightly warmer, don't use hot water);

Distribute wig shampoo evenly throughout the lace hair using fingers;

Gently apply some of the soapy water to the inside of the wig cap. Do not scrub the cap;

Rinse with cold to lukewarm water to remove shampoo. Pat gently with a soft towel to remove excess water. Do not wring or squeeze;

Distribute some conditioner to the damp hair. Avoid the scalp area as the conditioner can loosen the knots;

Rinse with cold to lukewarm water to remove conditioner. Pat gently with a soft towel to remove excess water. Do not wring or squeeze any full lace wig or lace front wig;
Gently press with a towel to remove excess water.Place on a folding wig stand and allow to it air dry.
When the lace wig is completely dry,it is ready to style.
Storage tips:

When lace wigs are not in use,make sure to store them in a hair net and a plastic bag or on a wig stand.
If you are on vacation, remember to put your lace wig in a wig box to prevent it from flattening.

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  UserName:Kemi A
  Comment:Excellent, this is the second time I have bought this kinky curl lace wig and I am very happy. I bought a similar hair last time from another seller and quality was not the same. Glad I came back here. The shipping was super fast, shipped Monday arrived Wednesday. The hair is sooo soft, after co washing, the curls remain, very minimal shedding. Great seller, will be back in the future.