How to Stop Lace Front Wigs Shedding

How to Stop Lace Front Wigs Shedding

Lace front wigs are favored and worn by more and more women all over the world from 20 years ago,they blend in at the hairline, change looking and give wearers a fashionable looking. However, strands of hair falling from the lace front wig might tell others that the hair isn't your own hair,and you'll be fall into very embarrassed condition at this time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid such problems occur before you -- but you'll have to take the steps before the lace front wig is installed.

front lace cap wig      Lace Front Wig
1.Flip the lace front wig inside out to expose its underside. You'll be able to see the lace of the lace front wig and the attached cap.

2.Secure the lace front wig hair using a ponytail holder or hair clips. It's important that you keep it out of the way until the lace front wig is ready to wear.
3.Spray the underside of the wig cap with clear acrylic spray. You can find the spray at a local craft supply store.The spray works as a sealant to keep your lace front wig from shedding. It bonds the hair strands to the lace front wig so that they're less likely to fall out.

4.Allow the lace front wig to dry for at least 24 hours before you start to apply it on your head. You don't want the acrylic spray on the inside of the lace front wig to bond with your own hair and scalp.

5.Remember to wash your lace front wigs once each week after attached it on head. By keeping it clean, you'll ensure that dirt and hair product buildup won't cause more shedding.

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