How to Apply Lace Front Wig

How to Apply Lace Front Wig

Applying front lace wig correctly may give you a natural amazing looking,however if you can’t apply your lace front wig correctly,everybody will know you are wearing a are the steps of how to apply lace front wig:
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1.Prepare your hair for wig application. The task is to flatten the hair surface for the wig to sit on. For this purpose, you can mold your hair, braid it, wrap it, or apply a wig liner and/or a stocking cap. However, many prefer to braid their hair when the front lace wig unit is curly and wrap or mold it when wearing a straight unit.
It is necessary to shave your hairline back about an inch to prevent your hair from getting pulled out by the glue and let the glue adhere securely to your skin surface.

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2.Prepare the skin by cleansing the face using a non-oily soap, while ensuring the areas surrounding the hairline is also cleaned. Alternatively, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel along the perimeter of the hairline will also remove dirt and oil that can damage your lace. Now let the area dry completely.

3.Prepare the lace front wig for application by clipping all baby hair and hair away from the edge of the wig to prevent if from getting stuck to the glue when applying the front lace wig. Now, gradually start trimming the excess lace by cutting small amounts at a time using stork scissors. Beginners can leave around 1/2 inch lace for attaching it with the tape or glue easily.

4.Place the lace front wig on your head by holding the lace wig in the front and evaluate where and how you would like the hairline. The task here is to find a hairline that looks more natural. Look into the mirror to see whether the wig is placed and centered on the right position. But, before you start gluing front lace wigs in place, use clips and rubber bands to pull hairs out of the way into a pony tail.

5.Application of bonding glue or bonding tape:
Once the hair, skin and lace are prepared as mentioned above, cut the adhesive tape into desired shape and fix it firmly surrounding the perimeter of your lace unit. If you are using bonding glue, then you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, in most cases, you are required to wait for a period of 3 minutes before placing the front lace glue into position.

6.Lace wig Application process:
If you are using adhesive tape, position the lace unit in your head by removing back portions of the tape in sections, a little at a time. Then, starting from the center of the forehead, press the tape firmly into the skin surface by using a tail comb (not using the hand). Press and hold the wig firmly into position for at least one minute. Until the adhesives set completely, tie the ends of the wig using ribbons. Based on the adhesive tape or glue that is used, the lace front wigs will stay in position for a period of 5 days to 3 weeks.

7.Styling your hair:
Though, most wigs come styled, you can alter them by styling and cutting yourself. If the lace front wig that you have purchased is made from synthetic material, then it’s not possible to apply heat for styling purposes. Only human hair lace front wigs can be flat-ironed or curled.

Lace front wigs are completely different from traditional wigs that it is constructed using a mesh like material all over the hair line. These wigs when used in conjunction with a glue, blends naturally with your actual hairline and create a wig hairline that looks more natural. Following the above steps of lace front wig application, the wig looks completely natural as if your own hair.

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