How to Style Hairline of Lace Front Wig

How to Style Hairline of Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs have been used in movies and television for lots of years to create looks, the wigs greatly helped to creat thousands of dramatic figures. Film stars like Nicole Kidman and music singers such as Brandy have worn lace front wigs.
A front lace wig is different from a regular wig in that it’s constructed with a mesh-like lace material in the front all over the is tied at the lace base.french lace or swiss lace are widely used now. Used in conjunction with appropriate adhesive, they are designed to blend naturally with your actual hairline to create a wig hairline that appears more real.
front lace cap

1.Place the front lace wig on your head to study how you will place it. Once it’s positioned to your liking, cut the lace back to the hairline, similar to the most natural look of your own. Make sure not to cut any of the wig hair.

2.Prep skin with non-oil soap, clean your face, be sure to get around the hairline. Completely dry the skin and around the edge of your head just below the hairline, to protect your skin from the adhesive. It should be completely dry before applying the adhesive.
3.Use an applicator brush to apply a very thin layer of adhesive around the edge of your head directly under the hairline. Using a hair dryer on the cool setting, dry for about 30 to 45 seconds (maybe longer) for the glue to become into an almost tacky/sticky form. If your package does not include brush or any other needed items for the front lace wig, you can get them at any hair care supply stores.

4.Apply the front lace wig slightly over your natural hairline to avoid getting any adhesive glue on your real hair. Beginning with the front hairline, push the front lace wig and glued area together, applying constant pressure until the unit is affixed on its own. Repeat these steps for the nape of your neck and sides of the hairline.

5.Wait for about 15 to 20 minutes to let the glue to completely dry,then you can style the front lace wig as ususally.

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