Suitable Lace Color for Lace Wigs

Suitable Lace Color for Lace Wigs

Are you a retailer or distributor or just lace wigs wearer?Have you bought human hair lace wigs online?Lace color that is not suitable will looks unnatural,How can you do when the full lace Wigs or lace front wigs arrive while the lace material is still too light for the clients wearing the wig?How can you the lace color don’t match your skin color? Here’s a method of how to fix that.
lace chart

1.Try full lace Wig on client to see if the lace is too light. Then remove the Lace Wig and trim the excess lace around the perimeter. Discard the lace that was trimmed away from the wig.

2.On the ’right’ side of the lace wig, shade in the mere amount of lace that is left around the perimeter with the sharpie marker. You may need to do this on a solid surface. Be more thorough in the top front or forehead area. Let dry for about 3 minutes.

3.Attach the Lace Wig with tape and/or adhesive. Stand back and look at your client. Look for any missed or light spots. Fill in any light spots with the sharpie marker. You may also want to go back into the hairline to give the wig a more natural look.
4.Lace color can be dyed to darker colors,but be carefull not to ruin the lace or color your hair,you can ask hair salon if they can dye lace easily and won’t soil hair.

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