How to Choose Perfect Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Choose Perfect Human Hair Lace Wigs

In the selection the human hair lace wigs we must first of all to see net or lace material comfort and permeability, it is better to wear a try first if it is fit good and feel confortable.Direct purchase do not buy a wig too loose, because full lace wig and lace front wig may loose after wearing a period of time, but not too tight,front lace wigs have a stretchable cap,so when you buy a front lace wig,you should choose a size a little smaller than your head can customize a wig.
Instruction of chooes hair style:

new hairline wig

A beautiful full lace wig or front lace wig that are suitable for yourself, listen to the introduction of professionals, feel what style of wig more appropriate to you,is the future use of wig profitable?. The type of wig is various, the optimum type is perfect, it can be on different occasions application, such as work, tourism, leisure, dinner, etc.; It can make your image kaleidoscope, work it out.

Choice as per of face shade

Round face: can choose a few can cover, make the length of face showed, make its plump face appears petite many,.

Coconut circular face: can choose some bang four, six points or three and seven points seam, whole big the wave forms of the wig, use and fluent line to foil In the forehead place, can make whole face looks vivid and have streamline feeling.

Square face: this face lady should pay attention to, if negligence, can make oneself exposed the shortcomings of, so try to choose some two edge low level of some, a bit not curly hair style will make face looks soft many. Can make women more gentle and charming.
An oval face: best choice is suitable for long hair, and forehead parts can be fleeciness a bit, XiaGeBu also plump some hairstyle, this

Sample integral feeling will be coordinated.

Color choice according to your skin color.

Partial white: partial white complexion although is a born beauty, but if the full lace wig color choose undeserved, can let you look very unhealthy. but

Is JianZong red, shallow coffee this kind of partial red and very soft color will make you face ruddy and angry.

Yellow: color of skin slants yellow can choose natural black, dark brown and deep color, can make the yellow skin appear white many.

Never refuse to yellow fastens hair color, can make originally not beautiful skin more ugly.

Natural color of skin: this kind of skin is the best, look healthy and luster, choice chromogenic leeway is also very wide, such as yellow, brown,

Grape wine red, dark purple, deep coffee all very well.

Partial black: skin pigment precipitation serious, can make the skin looks dim and matt, in the hair color should choose some natural black, deep orange

Such as color of foil, will make the many beautiful face.

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