How to Make Machine Hair Weave Wefts

How to Make Machine Hair Weave Wefts

Hair wefts are weaves of hair, made from human hair or synthetic fibre, sewn together to make human hair wigs and hair additions such as hair extensions or to add hair to mannequins. The hair wefts can be tied by hand called hand tied wefts or by using a sewing machine. Ribbon, lace or tissue paper are used to keep the hair lined up symmetrically, with all of the cut ends together and all of the hair weaves in the same place. Once the hair wefts are complete, they are glued in place on a wig or mannequin. 

hair weaveing machine
Here is our intruction of how to make machine hair wefts:
1.Cut two tissue paper strips 3 inches wide and as long as you can make them. Lay the hair in a thin layer across one tissue paper strip in a 2- to 3-inch section. The hair should not overhang the top of the strip. Place a second layer of tissue paper on top of the hair wefts. Pin the tissue paper layers together.

2.Thread your sewing machine with thread that matches the hair you are using. Set the sewing machine to its tightest thread tension and smallest stitch settings. Sew a line down the middle of the tissue paper and hair strip that stops about 1 inch before the line of hair ends. You will have about 1 inch of unsewn hair left to stitch. Pull back the top piece of tissue paper and overlap another line of hair over that last inch of hair and stitch the overlapped hair together to ensure that the new hair stays in place and that there are no gaps on the hair wefts. Continue on like this until you reach the end of the tissue paper and hair strip.

3.Sew another line about an inch to the right of the first line on your tissue paper and hair strip by starting at the beginning of the strip. (Do not turn the strip around.) Sew a third line in the middle of the previous two lines sewn. Remove the top layer of tissue paper only by pulling the outside pieces away from the stitching. Then lift the top middle tissue paper strips with the tip of a pin and pull them off.

4.Fold the bottom layer of tissue paper on the middle line of stitches and over the hair, and sew another line between the two rows of stitching that show. Remove as much of the top tissue paper as you can.

5.Fold the tissue paper again along the row you just made and stitch a new row between the two rows left on top. There should only be a small amount of tissue paper that remains. Do not remove this small strip of tissue paper; it can be used to glue the hair weave wefts to a wig or mannequin's head.

Make fuller hair weave wefts by deciding on its anticipated length and doubling that measurement. Place the tissue paper strips half way down the hair, one underneath and the other on top of the hair wefts. Pin the strips in place and sew a line down the middle of the whole strip. Fold the tissue paper over on that line until all of the hair is on one side of the tissue paper strips. Keep sewing, folding and removing tissue paper until there is only a small line of tissue paper left sewn onto the hair.

Use both a top and bottom layer of material, such as tissue paper, lace or ribbon to prevent the hair from jamming your sewing machine needle.
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