How to Dye Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Dye Human Hair Lace Wigs

Women spent much more money on human hair wig than synthetic wigs

hair care for wig

because they can do anything to a human hair wig,style the wig,curl the wig and color the wig.
But how to dye human hair full lace wig and lace front wig?
You should prepare things before coloring wig:
The first thing you will need is the dye. The next thing is a wig stand; otherwise you will not be able to see the wig at all times. A nonmetal bowl is needed to mix the dye; metal bowls can change the color of the dye. Nylon brush is needed to apply the dye to every strand of hair on the wig evenly. Rubber gloves are needed to protect your hands so they will not be stained by the dye. and a wide tooth comb is needed to dye wigs.
Notice:only natural color hair can be dyed,like your own hair,once you dyed your own hair,you have to remove the color dyed before when you want to change color.

Preparing Your Full Lace Wig and front lace wig:

Wig must be washed at least 48 hours prior to you dying it so that you can get the build up from chemicals out of the wig. You need the next 24 hours to allow the wig to completely air dry. The wig needs to be clean and dry before applying the dye to the hair. After the 48 hours has passed, you need to put the wig onto the wig stand and section it into four sections to allow for easy applying of the color, evenly onto all strands of hair.
Preparing the Dye
Wear plastic gloves on your hands so that they are not stained. Place a towel below your nonmetal bowl so that nothing is damaged. Pour the hair dye into the bowl followed by an equal amount of developer. You want an equal amount of each so that the dye is perfectly mixed and there is the necessary balance needed to produce the color you desire.

Applying the Dye:
Start at one of the two sections of the four sections you parted, you have to think of the crown of the full lace wig as your roots. Start at the "roots" with the nylon brush and move all the way to the ends of the first section, repeat this for the remaining three sections. Take the wide tooth comb and move from front to back combing the entire wig to make sure every strand of hair is covered in dye. Let the dye then stand on the wig for 20 to 25 minutes, to ensure the wig hair absorbs the color. After the time has passed, you will need to rinse the dye out the wig with cool water, working from the bottom to the top. Then shampoo the wig and rinse; follow with a light based conditioner that is rinse out. You do not want to use a leave in as it will weigh the wig down. After you remove the conditioner, allow the wig to air dry.
Now, a new wig is appear in front of you,isn’t it?

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