How to Hide Knots of Human Lace Wigs

How to Hide Knots of Human Lace Wigs

Some human hair wigs can ruin your overall look and tell others your hair is not real. Wigs are made by tying hair knots into the netting or lace as a method to hold hair on the lace cap. But regular full lace wigs and lace front wigs hair knots are shown after complete making wig, this can let others know your hair is fake. Hidden knots, on the other hand, offer a more realistic aesthetic so that others may not be able to tell you are wearing a wig. Without the knots, it looks like the hair from the wig flows naturally into the scalp.most invisilbe knots type are silk base triple reverse knots,the wigs are produced by professional factories,and this silk base wigs are very expensive and most sellers don't have in stock,how can we do?here is some skills of telling you how to hide knots:
wig hairline

Lace front wig to be knotted into the knot hook. Pierce the lace netting with the small hook, creating a small hole. Bring a small part of the hair underneath the lace. The long portion of the hair should stick out from the front side of the lace.

2.Turn the hook over and under the lace, as if sewing the hair into place. Secure the hair on the underside of the wig. Make sure you got all the hairs in the strand you are tying. If flyaway hairs are a problem, you can dampen the hair with some water to keep the strands in place.

3.Tie the knot with the hook under the lace. Bring the hook in-between the loop you created out of the hair and pull it together so that the hair closes into a knot. Make the knot as small as possible so that it is comfortable for the wearer.

Can your full lace wig or front lace wig become invisible knots now?

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