How to Dye Human Hair Lace Top Closures?

How to Dye Human Hair Lace Top Closures?

Top closures are used to sew into the cornrow or used to close the weave and make a natural part at the top or front of the head. top closures are made of human hair normally. they are processed to behave like natural hair and can be processed similar to your own hair. To change the color of the top closures, you can use hair dye and apply it just as your natural hair.
lace top closureThings You’ll Need
Hair dye

1,Comb the hair thoroughly.

2,Pin the rest of the hair that you aren’t dying back and out of the way.

3,Smooth petroleum jelly over the forehead and ears to protect them from the dye.

4,Cover the work surface or sink counter with an old towel. Put gloves on your hands, and wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

5,Mix the hair dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some manufacturers don’t require mixing.

6,Apply the dye to the top closure with the applicator bottle. Smooth the dye over the top closure, Avoid rubbing the dye into your scalp.

7,Allow the color to remain in the hair for the specified time. Each kit comes with a color timing chart that indicates how long to leave the dye in.

8,Rinse the dye from the hair until the water runs clear. Then shampoo, condition and rinse thoroughly.

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