Attach Lace Front Wigs

Attach Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are popular trends for women,which is more cheaper than full lace wigs and sometimes as good as full lace wigs,and it can be worn as a glueless full lace wigs sometimes, we often see celebrities such as Beyonce and Tyra Banks are wearing lace front wigs. it can be styled in a wide variety of ways due to their unique, invisible hairlines--you can even braid one or pull it up into a ponytail. Although lace front wigs cost around one hundred dollars, you can attach them by yourself at home.

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Clean and dry the skin below your hairline, as well as your face and neck. This will make the front lace wig adhere better.

Apply a front lace wig scalp protector below your hairline and allow it to completely dry. Scalp protectors can be bought from wig or beauty supply stores.

Pull back the wig's hair into a loose ponytail so none of it sticks to the glue.

Apply the front lace wig glue below your hairline with a brush, covering the area where the front of the wig will sit. Use a small eyeshadow brush if your glue does not come with its own brush.

Dry the glue for 30 to 45 seconds using a blow dryer on a cool setting. The glue will become tacky, which allows the lace front to adhere better.

Apply the front lace wig to the front of your hairline, on top of the glue, and press it firmly for one minute. Repeat this process to attach the wig to the sides and nape of your head.

Style your front lace wig after letting the glue dry for fifteen minutes. If your wig is made of human hair, you can use heat styling tools.

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  UserName:Chane Sawyer
  Comment:The hair is amazing !!!! I co washed it and it has a nice body wavy to it. The communication with this seller sucks ass. He never wrote be back. When I ordered the hair I received it 3 days later.
  UserName:nichole rogers
  Comment:Very Fast Delivery. This is my 1st order. I just got the hair yesterday so I can't speak on the longevity of the lacefront. My initial thoughts are: The hair did not have a bad smell, it was not wet when delivered. The hair is very soft, The hair did shed some just from putting my finger in it. I can't say if that is normal or not for curly hair. From the title of the products it should not shed. I cowash the hair last night and the curl pattern did hold. At this moment I feel okay about the hair.