How To Make Front Lace Wigs

How To Make Front Lace Wigs

In learning how to make a wig has several benefits. Since iT a labor-intensive work to make a wig, and human hair material is very expensive,these wigs are usually expensive evenif front lace wigs. Keep the cost of the wig is quite high, and designers charge hourly rate. Can make your own wig, you can do your own maintenance work. In addition, once you have mastered a wig art, it is possible wig manufacturers for someone else to start a business. This sparks the idea of ​​it?

1.synthetic lace wig
The hairstyle design for front lace wig. The style you choose will determine the location of the hair, when it’s time to ventilation lace. You can choose any style you want, and even made provision for the center or the side.

On the basis of your head lace, tracking your hairline. If you do not have a full wig, trace the outline of the area you will cover.

Lace head block. It is fixed to the block with a rubber band. You can also head block based on the needle along the contour of the edge of the lace work closely together.

Begin the process of ventilation. Start at the back, through a hole through the ventilation needle. One or two doubling stocks hair pins and hair through the hole pulled a small circle. The remaining hair through the loop and tighten the knot of hair.

Repeat this process, within the outline of the hole. Lace ventilation, in order to adapt to the direction of your hair.

The applications easily Tab key compounds wig wig before the Ministry. Remove the brush from the head block of the lace base along the bottom surface of the edge of the compound of the 3/4 inch of the contour edge. Wait for the dry compound.

Cut away excess fabric along the edge of the hairline. Cut and style the wig you like.

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