How to Avoid Lace Wigs Shedding

How to Avoid Lace Wigs Shedding

Lace front wigs:

Women of all ages prefer to wear lace front wigs because knots of wig can blend in the hairline, it’s appearance of real hair. However, shedding of the wig hair told others that it is not your own hair. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Flip the wig inside out to expose it below. You will be able to see the wig lace and connection cap.

A ponytail held by a person or hairpin fixed wig. Important that you put it out of the way until the wig is ready to wear.

Spray wig cap inside with clear acrylic spray. You can find at a local craft supplies shop spray. Sprayed seal to keep Your Wig shedding. Bond hair wig, so they are unlikely to decline.

Let the lace wig to dry for at least 24 hours before you have to install it. You do not want to the acrylic spray inside of the wig to bond your own hair or scalp.

Remember to wash your lace wigs at least once a week from the time of installation. Kept clean, you will ensure that the accumulation of dust and hair products builk up do not result in more shedding.

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