How to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions Lace Wigs

How to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions Lace Wigs

If you often wear a wig or hair extensions, you may want to know how to color synthetic hair. Although you might think that dying synthetic hair is easier than real hair, the opposite is true, and a variety of reasons.

synthetic lace wig


Problems related to synthetic hair from the fact that it is made of plastic. Any product containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide, and immediately went out, because they can effectively melt the plastic. This eliminates all natural hair synthetic dyes. Any method in the application of anything than very low heat out, because it will damage the plastic. Vegetables, natural hair dyes and fabric dyes do not work because they do not comply with the plastic. Any moisture at all cause a wig running.

Synthetic wig dye:

Dye specifically for synthetic lace wig does exist, but it is in limited colors, is often difficult to find, and can be very expensive. However, if you can afford it, you can the colors exist from shops or online stores, it may be your best choice.

If you can not find a synthetic wig dye in the colors you like, start to buy Eclacehair permanent market in the shade you desire. Remove the ink sticks from the pens and use a sharp knife to slit the plastic coating. Put the ink sticks in rubbing alcohol and shake vigorously. If the color is more deep than you want to add more alcohol. If it’s lighter than you expect to add more ink sticks. Once you reach the shade you want, wig mixture. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Let the wig dry completely before washing with cold water. Allow it to dry completely before you check again, if you have reached your desired results.

FY method:

This method is easier and more time-consuming. Just purchase the artist’s ink color, and then mixed in a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, until it reaches the desired color. Spray mixhed onto the wig. Let the wig is completely dried, and then washed with cold water. When it dries, a second inspection to see if it is a shade of what you like.

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