How to Apply Human Hair Lace Wig

How to Apply Human Hair Lace Wig

human hair wigs adhesive application skills:

Prepare the human hair wig application date:

Before apply your full lace wig,all hair and baby hair should be cliped away from the edge of the wig to prevent the hair stuck in the bonding adhesive.
Carefully trim lace around the full lace wig.Cut lace off very near hairline. For starters, you may want to leave a bit of lace (1/2 "), if you think it will be easier to pray wig glue or attach tape.
Apply lace wig

Braided hair in small cornrows, or tightly wrap your hair head to the face of a unit.
Use a cotton pad rubbing alcohol concentration of 99% around your entire hairline, to remove any oil, it may be on your skin. Do not use a cotton ball, because it will leave traces of cotton along the hairline.
Application scalp protection, to protect the skin from adhesives. This process is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Protection of the skin is also conducive to the adhesive in the case of skin contact with moisture (such as humidity, swimming, sweating and working overtime).
Hair, complexion wig cap to flatten and protect your natural hair. Sure with your hairline, so that their hair is completely covered. Color wig cap will create a scalp illusion. Production. In order to prevent slip back into the wig cap, allow the glue and / or tape to cover the stocking cap, or loosely stitched cover in place.

Apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive (glue) your hairline all around the periphery using a flat wooden cosmetic stick or a small make-up brush.
Do not bond the wig dry the glue, because it will not stick. Soft bonding glue to (ie ultra maintain) when there should be a "tacky" feeling dry. Hardkey binders such time Endurabond, drying is not necessary, because it is applied immediately after drying. When the the application soft bonding glue, use a hair dryer for about five minutes aide drying process.
Order to ensure that the human hair wigs is properly aligned, the bonds the wig began in the center of your front hairline. Press your wig down using a fine-tooth comb from one side to the other. If you have and lace glue the edge to remove excess glue use a Q-Tip dabbed 99%. If you do not properly aligned wig sliver between the lace and your skin, loosen the shoelaces from its bonds, and then re-adjust the lace the right way.
When you complete the application process, tie your hairline with a silk or satin scarf. This will allow the glue to properly set up and dried. You may also sit in a dryer, in this step, the assistants in the drying process.

Attach human hair wigs using tape

Cut tapy to the desired length. Peel the tape exposed adhesive side, then press your skin, around the perimeter of your head below the hairline

Leave a space between the small band, the moisture discharge.
Lace wig on your head, and its peripheral edge of the wig line the edge of the tape.
Pin wig, so it does not get in the way during the connection process.
Peel the tape backup, reveal the adhesive. , The wig is attached to the forehead hairline start before the press and keep it in the adhesive agent is 30-1 seconds. Repeat these steps for your nape and sides.
Once you to connect to your skin wig with your hairline with silk or satin scarf to allow the tape to better adhere to your skin.

How to remove human hair wigs?

Saturated the top of the glue and lace wig adhesive remover.
Waiting wig easily separated from your skin. Use a Q-Tip to applicable adhesive remover / solvent between the lace and your skin. Make sure the adhesive remover to thoroughly saturated, the lace release before trying to delete a unit. This will save the lace on your unit and your hairline. Please put your time to do so. The glue should remain on your skin, rather than lace.
Remove any remaining adhesive residue from the wig lace and hair with glue remover.

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