How To Wash Human Hair Lace Wigs?

How To Wash Human Hair Lace Wigs?

Now, more and more girls like full lace wigs and lace front wigs. And put it as fashion. We know that the most famous celebrities has many beautiful lace wigs. Especially virgin remy full lace wig with better quality.
With proper care, virgin remy full lace wigs can last a very long time,some of our buyers said our full lace wigs can last more than two years. Under normal circumstances, it is better to have two human hair wigs. When you wash, you still have another to wear. In general, you should clean your virgin full lace human hair wigs or lace front wigs, once or twice a week. I remember it as their own hair.Please THA, wash lace wig, swimming or doing exercise is very important, because it will result in excessive entanglement.

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Take care of your full lace wig and lace front wig, it is important to keep it looking natural and lasting longer time. Wash your wig only when needed or every twelve weeks. Cleaning too often may apply too tension to hair and wig lace,and damage your wig.

Wash your human hair lace wigs, you will need: wide-toothed comb through the brush, styrofoam head, T pushpin (to Styrofoam head) to ensure the wig, empty spray bottles, shampoo, hair conditioner , towel
The first thing you should do is to remove full lace wig from your head. their may some adhesive residue on lace, it must be clean before washing hair. Apply wig adhesive remover to any adhesive residue stay in lace. Use a soft brush (toothbrush)to lift the lace of glue or tape residue.
After clear off residue, wash hair using shampoo and hair conditioner in room temperature water, not too cold or too hot. After washing,bath the wig in clean water for some time, until there is no shampoo or hair conditioner on hair. it is good thing for virgin Remy Full lace wigs if dry by air.
This is the steps of how to wash lace wig:

When start to wash your Full lace wigs,first spray leave-in conditioner or wig detangler onto the hair to dampen the hair. Soft hair,so to prevent unnecessary tension and pulling on combing hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb through the brush to remove any tangles or knots. Comb through the hair begin from the ends, and then bomb to the roots. Must start at the ends of the hair. Combing your hair from the top, may lead to hair loss, broken or tangled due to overdose pull.

Put your full lace wig on a styrofoam head. The T pin remains in the position.

Styrofoam head sitting in the sink and saturated with lukewarm water. Pour a little shampoo and warm water poured into a spray bottle. The shampoo is sprayed onto the hair. By using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, hair shampoo. Remember the hair end portion begins. Do not rub the hair shampoo, because it may cause entanglement. Recommend the use of sulfuric acid - free shampoo. Sulfate free hair products to keep hair moisture, prevent hair becomes dry.

Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of warm water to rinse the shampoo.

Add to sulfate-free air conditioning and water in a spray bottle, and saturated hair. Hair Conditioner comb through. Leave the air conditioning for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Squeeze the water out of the hair.

Delete styrofoam wig and put it on a soft towel. Folded towel on the hair to to smear or pat to remove excess water. Expanded towels, a towel and let the hair dry naturally. If the wet towel, and then the hair is another.

Let natural dry towel will help to maintain the shape of the hair. Do not use a hair dryer or any other heat source, so that the hair is dry unnaturally like this,it may damage the wig faster. When the hair is completely dry, you can curl hair.

If you decide to roller set your hair,after you rinse out the conditioner, leave the wig on the Styrofoam head. Roll the hair while it is still damp and wait it till completely air dry.
In order to prevent unnecessary hair loss once the hair is completely dry, let the full lace wig inside out and spray good qulity knots sealer on all full lace wig entire cap. Wait for it dry about 10 minutes,then spay knots sealer again. After dry you can put the wig on head and style as usual.

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