Hair Texture Patterns of Varied Human Hair Lace Wigs

Hair Texture Patterns of Varied Human Hair Lace Wigs

In the choice of human hair wigs, you must take into consider is the hair texure. Most of us want to have the same texture like our own hair. The same hair texture, which is very important, because it will look more natural. It will tell the other to think this is truly your own hair, but not the wig.
When it comes to style, or take care of the lace wig, choose the right hair texture will be more convenient for you. full lace wig is real hair, higher quality and longer life, your style, or care about it very easy.
Some women spend several hours of fighting wave the same as their own hair. However, wave or curl can not always maintained, only last few hours, and then disappear in wavy or curled. If you choose a human hair has the same texure it is more than a simple matter, it will save you a lot of time.

When we make human hair wigs,we try to make texture as permanent as we can.

we can make texture according the your hair picture if possible.

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  UserName:miranda C
  Comment:This company is very good. I have made many orders and quality is great. fast shipping too :-)
  UserName:Ashley W
  Comment:I've been wearing this wig for almost a month now. The hair looks exactly like in the picture, it feels super soft and is surely a head turner! It looks SO natural, people always think it's my own hair. The hair requires a lot of conditioning, it gets dry rather quickly, just like my natural hair. It takes product very well, the curls look gorgeous defined! If your going to glue down this wig to sleep in it, I highly recommend that you sleep with a bonnet on. I slept with nothing over the hair for 5 days during my vacation and the very back got matted. Since I didn't have my tools with me, I had to detangle it with my hands, by then the very ends of the hair had formed into little balls, seeing that I didn't have scissors to cut them off I had to pull them off which caused shedding. But other than that, this wig is perfect! I deep conditioned it and the back of the hair is now fine and still in tact. This is my favorite wig and I will be purchasing again from this company!