Hair Care Instructions of Human Full Lace Wig

Hair Care Instructions of Human Full Lace Wig

How to care hair of Full lace wigs?

Hair care

1. Keep full lace wig hair clean. We recommend that you wash the hair
At least once a week with warm water. Please wash your hair immediately
After swimming, spa, sports, and other accumulated dust and sweat will cause hair tangles. Too much to leave the machine and other hair care Will create a build  on the hair, will cause it to tangle Faster. If the hair felt drying or re-established,which has a good cleaning Shampoo and hair conditioner.
2. Before washing hair spray, hair conditioners and water mixture, and
Brush the hair from the bottom up. You must gently brush gradually wet the hair down, then thoroughly wash the hair. If the hair Very dry, a large amount of water to be added once, hair will swell up like a spongeTangle! Therefore, it is important to gradually wetting the hair and brush It.
3. Wetting hair, shampoo, hair conditioner and brush thoroughly. Sure to wash and brush the hair in one direction. Rinse And water and towel-dried hair. Is preferably air-dried hair But you can also blow dry from low to medium heat.
4. To ensure that every day you brush your full lace wig hair and apply to stay in air conditioning to make hair soft and moist. The treatment can keep the full lace wig hair dry. But remember not to put too much hair care products, otherwise it will be a build and make the hair feel too heavy and dry.
To wash the full lace wigs, in full accordance with steps 2 and 3.
5. Swimming, always wearing a hat to avoid prolonged exposure to Chlorine or salt water, hair tangled. Always wash your hands Hair shampoo and hair conditioner immediately after swimming, both The type of water. When the spa, the hair brush out should be completely wrapped in a cold wet towel.
6. The couple went to sleep, braids, swimming or exercise(Please untie hair braids ago). Have not been able to sleep Wet hair. Lace front wig hair is completely dry before go to bed.
7. You can also leave at home in the air conditioning diluted machine (10%) and water (90%). The gently mixed application to your hair and brush from the end of last year to the top of the hair close to the scalp. Although to apply for a leave-in conditioners, to keep the hair from dryness, it is important to keep the hair clean washing hair about twice a week.
8. It would be best not to color, color, PERM or do any additional chemical processes, since it has already been treated. Please blonde and other light-colored hair with caution. They are more than dark hair after chemical treatment. Therefore, we will not responsible for the results.
9. Please check hair before using the full lace wigs. To be sure, hair texture, color, length and quality you want. We will not responsible for the hair, if it is not in its original condition. For wet and Wavy hair, you can test to curl a small part of the wet away from rest. Hair on the table, pulling away from a small part of the rest of the spray some water, let it soak for about 15 seconds. Hold the top of full lace wig
Hair, put it on the table, gently brush the wet part of the at the bottom, watching it wave. Dry with a towel, and piling up the waves rise.
We provide full lace wigs, lace front wigs, hair weave wefts and top lace closures.

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  Comment:This hair is "FREAKIN' AWESOME" it came much faster that expected. Not only is this hair of excellent quality with all cuticles growing in the same direction. Hair looks, feels and smells wonderful!!! A+++ will definitely do business again!!! Shipping was lighting fast!!