What is Helpfull for Hair Loss

What is Helpfull for Hair Loss

Some treatment with cancer may cause hair loss. Your hair can thin out the patch, or completely fell out.Cancer treatment-induced hair loss is temporary, at the end of treatment, the hair grows back.
This booklet is hair loss. It recommends ways to let you keep your appearance, hair loss or hair thinning Occurs.
Our patients how to say
"In the beginning, did not bother me I just wanted to live, but when it happens, it bothers me a lot, I found
hair loss women After that, I am very concerned about losing my hair. I have been accustomed to. ’
• "Psychologically, this is a difficult thing to be earnest."
"I care about it [my hair, a part of me I can not imagine my bald ... not my choice I did not
Know what will happen. ’
"It is very difficult to lose your hair. This is not something you can get rid of there is no light at the end of
Tunnel right now, because I do not know when the end of chemotherapy. This is unacceptable. No matter how to prepare.
Do you think you are, you are not! I can not joke, it was easy.
• "This is not as bad as I thought."
Why would you lose your hair
All cells in the body through the stage of economic growth and rest. Some cancer treatments Attacks on the rapid growth of the cancer cells. These methods of treatment can also take action like hair healthy cells to grow rapidly. Your hair is composed of two parts:
Shaft, or you see, and the root, which is under the scalp. Hair growth
Occurred in the roots. Chemotherapy drugs through the blood went to many places, including Hair root. These drugs can prevent the growth of root cells, so you
Weak hair, causing it to fall off. Due to growth and rest mode your hair, thinning hair may not appear in your scalp evenly. Radiation
The destruction of the growth of hair in the same manner, however, the hair loss occurs only in the parts body treatment.
Hair may start to lean one to four weeks after the first chemotherapy treatment. This requires the case of radiation, in about four weeks. How fast hair loss different
Person to person. It also depends on the treatment. You may first notice hair
Your pillow in the morning. When you shower or brush your hair, you can see it.
Once treatment is stopped, your hair will grow back. It can be three
Five months, it may look or feel a little different. It is a very rare risk,
Radiation of the head, the hair will grow back.

Hair loss after chemotherapy or radiation therapy

You may start to wear human hair wigs when hair begins ot thin,you need a front lace wig to make it feel better.

These recommendations will not prevent hair loss, but they may make it easier for you.
• Consider cutting your hair short to prepare for any hair loss.
• Use a mild shampoo and cream rinse or conditioner every two to Sitian. Try baby shampoo.
• Use a shampoo and conditioner with sunscreen. They prevent damage from the sun. Rinse your hair and conditions
After a swim in the pool.
• Wash your hair thoroughly, then pat dry.
• Use networks, turbans, scarves contains falling hair.
• Use a satin pillowcase. It may reduce hair tangles. Satin smoother than other fabrics.
Gently with a wide-toothed comb or bristle brush your hair. Combed your hair at both ends, and then gently
On your scalp. You can also use your wet finger in the finger comb your hair.
Tell your hair stylist, you are receiving chemotherapy. He or she can recommend a mild product.
• If you’ve lost all the hair, keep your head covered in the summer. This can prevent sunburn. Use sunscreen your scalp, if you do not cover their heads.
In winter, protect your head, a hat, scarf, scarves, wigs, to prevent heat loss.
Your hair, do not use the following. They may be too harsh or pull-up or pull your hair.
• hairspray, coloring, dyeing, bleach, or perm (hot)
• clip, barrette, hair clips, and scrunchies
• braids, corn rows, pony tails
Hair dryers, curling irons, curlers
• Rubber bathing or swimming cap Wig
If you want to wear a wig, try to get it before your hair falls out. In this way, you can match the color of your hair Style. If you have hair loss, so when your photos, your usual hair, with a lock of hair
Buy a wig. This will help you to find the one that looks like your hair before the start of your treatment.
When purchasing a wig, you might want to check the price in more than one store. The price and quality can be different.
The place to ask your nurse or social worker. You can also call the American Cancer Society’s information.
Your hair stylist, it may be a good resource. human hair wigs should:
• fit and comfort.
• match the color of your hair.
• match your hairstyle.
• easy to care for.
When the full lace wig you try to ask of privacy. Many shops "try on" the room. Sales staff training, to help You choose the best wig.
Hair loss after chemotherapy or radiation therapy [3]
You may want to start wearing your front lace wig, as long as your hair begins to thin. When your hair becomes thinner, you can adjust to make it more suitable for a wig.
Custom (expensive)
This is a wig that is designed just for you. It is by hand. A chain in the different amounts of hair into wig Time.
A mold with your head looks natural. Usually requires three visits. One is used for the measurement.
Other suitable wig, the color and shape of your check.
Customize off-the-shelf (moderately expensive)
These can be a human hair, synthetic blends, or both. They are made of a standard size, but can be fixed to the suitable. Style wig, looks more like your own hair.
Off-the-shelf stock (low prices)
The stock human hair wigs usually elastic fabric, one size fits all. Sales staff can tell you how to comb.
If you buy a ready-made wig, you can wear it home the same day.
District wig
If you lose hair only in one area than a wig, hairpiece may be better. a top closures can be any size, color or shape you want.
Fashion human hair wigs
Fashion human hair wigs any hairstyle. No matter what you want, you can make this type of front lace wig. It can change Your appearance or style at a moment’s notice.
Your health insurance coverage you the cost of a front lace wig or top closures. The doctor must write a prescription.
Please contact your insurance plan to see how much they will pay.
If you have to pay your own human hair wigs, you might be able to be taken off the tax costs. Please with your tax consultant. You can also call the American Cancer Society to see if they can give you the wig.
Scarves, scarves, hats
Scarves and turbans are attractive, stylish. They help the hair fall out, but also hide a bald scalp. Made by the silk scarf can easily slide out of your head. A scarf, cotton blends may be more comfortable.
Huangjin sold in many pharmacies. Some people even have a small amount of hair on the forehead. They have a lot of color and texture. Some patients find it useful wigs, scarves, turbans at different times.
With or without the scarf wearing the hat can also be attractive and comfortable.
Nice ... Feel Better!
Make-up can make you look good, feel better during cancer treatment. This is the appearance of what is behind the good ... feel better solutions. It teaches you how the makeup of the color of your skin changes, or you have lost your eyebrows or eyelashes.

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