What Hair Products Can Create Beauty

What Hair Products Can Create Beauty

South African women are forking out thousands for Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian human hair to get “the look”.

Their biggest expectation is that they will instantly look like their favourite celebrity and their biggest concern – yes, you guessed it – is that the wig will fall off during sex.

Their are two the famous celebrities admired for their imported hairj,Local TV presenter Bonang Matheba, with her shiny weaves, and US songstress Beyonce, who wears blonde human hair.

Why the trend and so-often obsession to wear hair that once belonged to someone else?

Co-owner of the Bella Zara hair boutique, says that during apartheid, South Africans were isolated and didn’t know about human hair imports. African women saw dreadlocks, braids, perms and cornrows as the only options,and whites would only wear their own hair, she adds, saying that international media and the opening up of the world scene resulted in the booming hair market.

It’s now about the cars you drive, the hair and the bling you wear.

It often costs $200 or more to wear human hair wigs, the Saturday Star found when it approached several outlets for the wigs and weaves.

Triple grade-A human hair imported directly from India, Brazil and Peru. The hair, bought from a single supplier, starts at about $50 a package.

Human hair top lace closures,hair wefts and human hair wigs are easy to maintain, and women in high-powered positions appreciate that they can look elegant and stylish and not have to spend hours in front of the mirror.

It has been suggested that poor women are being exploited for their hair, which takes them many years to grow.
Indian hair is donated in a temple by Indian women. The temple, in turn, sells it to factories and the proceeds are used to maintain the temple.

As a result, we have a good relationship with our clients. Our hair is flown to them. one of them clients order about 100 packets every week.
One of my colleages,Michael, who visited temples, exposes how Indian local women donate their hair as a sacrifice to their gods, unaware of the commercial motives in the billion-dollar industry.

But he responds to those critical of women who wear human hair wigs this way: “Do you feel happy attaching plastic to your hair?”

stock lace wigs

Many women, Michael explains, visit hair boutiques and believe once they whip on a wig, they will look like Beyonce – but clearly this is untrue.

He says that men play a big part in choosing the hair.
Their are sometimes hardly to see female clients, because their husbands and boyfriends collect the hair pieces.

Buying a wig is not without its problems: Most clients want to know whether their tresses will fall off during sex, she reveals.

The full lace wigs looks great. I think (eclacehair) prices are brilliant. This is 100 percent human hair. It can be worn for up to two years sometimes, which makes it convenient, as buyer don’t have time to spend hours at a salon styling my hair.

To all the ladies out there, wash your human hair wigs regularly. After some time it’s gross, it smells, it’s greasy and you can’t manage it.

“Why should ladies wear someone else’s hair when their own is beautiful?”

Maggie prefers a ponytail, as it is easy to manage. She, too, disagrees with the concept of Brazilian and Indian human hair.

“I’d rather use artificial hair. as Africans, have always had a relationship with our hair. It’s taboo to wear someone else’s hair. This entire trend has been brought to the fore by the youth who now opt to be more artificial rather than sticking to who they truly are,” she says.
The budget hairpieces-top closures and lace frontals, which cost $40 to $80 a piece, are popular.

They can be styled in a different manner, sown into hair or converted into cornrows or into twisted strands.

The top lace closures and hair extensions are also a hit as they give the desired straight-haired look – similar to relaxed or ironed hair.

Whether hair is donated at a temple or manufactured in a factory, hair pieces are a fashion statement that’s not going to date soon.

Different hair materials:

1. Indian hair, also called Temple hair, originates in India where women shave their hair for religious purposes. Indian hair is naturally thick and lustrous. A 100g pack is $40. The hair is in its natural state,without being processed – and is wavy, soft and luxurious. The hair is lightweight.

2. virgin brazilian hair is naturally strong and full of volume. The hair comes in straight, wavy and curly textures. A 100g pack is $60.
it is currently one of the best-quality hair types on the market, as it is the finest and most beautiful hair you can invest in.

3. human hair wigs are considered the most natural hair extensions available on the market that offer a realistic look, while being lightweight. A fine lace material is used to create a base cap from which individual hairs are hand-tied into the lace. Full lace wigs cost around $100 to $300, while Front lace wigs go for $65 to $180.

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  UserName:Glady Hubbard
  Comment:When you go out of home,you’re looking extra hot with your new virgin full lace wig on. Then, you know you look super good and nobody can tell any difference. You're going shopping, flipping your new virgin full lace wig all around. Then you'll notice that people are attracted by your hairline,as they are very curious about if this is your real hair or not. So,you brush it off. Absolutely!It is your realy hair! Just make your hair a toss and go ahead. But it's always happening again and again . Whereever you go,people are attacted by you. Now, you know you look super good, but this is very ridiculous. Because what’s more disquieting is that they are not looking at your beautiful clothes, make-up,but staring at your hairline direclty. Do not think more about their looking. Because you look just super good and natural, no one will know you are wearing a virgin full lace wigs. Ohh, how wonderful! Not only the natural hairline, but also the natural color,just like hair is growing from you own scalp.