What is Difference Between Hand Tied & Machine Human Hair Weave Wefts

What is Difference Between Hand Tied & Machine Human Hair Weave Wefts

When we chat with buyers and shop or boutique sellers we found many of them are ambiguous with the difference between hand tied wefts and machine made wefts? Or maybe you are wondering "Should I use frames machine hair weaves or hair extensions hand tied wefts?" It seems that people assume they are the same, while they are very very different!

human hair weave wefts

The difference between hand tied and machine hair weave wefts is: machine frames are made with a sewing machine and real! machine hair wefts are definitely more robust and easier to cut to any lenth you need or unground collapse of the plot. Hand tied hair wefts is slightly more sensitive, meaning that the frames are much thinner.

Since the plot is thinner this makes the plot to unravel after his court. Do not worry, though, there are ways to avoid collapse and spread out or apart of the hand tied hair weft. Simply by sealing the court with a clear liquid glue, or tying a knot after cutting the weft.

There is also a price difference between them. Because of manual work, hand tied hair wefts are more expensive than the machine made hair wefts.What about them? everything is a matter of personal preference. So what do you prefer?

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  UserName:Gene Waters
  Comment:Beautiful hair, will order again. Thanks so much