How to Care Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

How to Care Synthetic Lace Front Wig?

Synthetic lace front wigs

are more and more popular for African American women now because the synthetic lace front wigs are very cheap and  can look just as good as an expensive 100% human hair lace front wigs while it is in the store on the mannequin’s head. However, you will quickly notice that if the synthetic lace front wig is not tenderly cared for, after wearing it a few times, it will begin to look cheap and worn. There are some things you can do to make the synthetic lace front wig look good for a longer period of time. These tips will help your synthetic lace front wig last for monthes instead of just weeks.

synthetic lace wig

Instructions of care for synthetic lace front wig:

1. Use only a wide toothed comb to comb through the strands of your synthetic lace front wig. The teeth of a narrow tooth comb will cause fraying of the synthetic strands and cause the ends to become frizzed.
2. Comb your synthetic lace front wigs after you pull it off. This will get rid of any tangles before you store it away. When combing, be sure to start at the ends of the strands and work your way to the top of the wig.

3. Place a hair net around your synthetic front lace wig when it is not being worn to protect the strands.
4. Stuff the cap of the wig with tissue paper or a towel so that the wig maintains its proper shape and style.
5. Wash your synthetic lace front wig by dipping it up and down in a sink of cold sudsy water. It may be necessary to refill the sink a couple of times with clean suds to ensure your synthetic lace wig is clean. You can use a mild synthetic hair shampoo to make your suds.
6. Rinse your wig by dipping it up and down in a sink of cold, suds-free water. Do this until all of the suds have been removed from the wig. Do not rub the wig while it is being washed and rinsed- simply dip it or swish it around.
7. Dry your wig with a towel. Do not wring the wig with your hands. Hang the wig up in an airy place so that it can dry completely.
8. Comb through the tangles of your synthetic lace front wigs only after the wig has completely dried.
9. Spray your wig with a synthetic front lace wig sheen spray if the strands are dull looking.

Tips & Warnings for synthetic lace front wigs:

Avoid using a curling iron or other heated styling tools on your synthetic lace front wigs unless the label inside of the wig clearly indicates it is made of a heat resistant synthetic fiber. Using the heated styling tools will melt the synthetic strands of the wig.

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