Human hair wigs are worn by women on a daily or occasional basis as fashion and as a matter of convenience, as they can be styled ahead of time and then worn when there is not sufficient time to style one's own hair. They are also worn by individuals who are experiencing hair loss due to a number of medical reasons (most commonly cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy). A number of celebrities, including Dolly Parton and stars have popularized wigs.

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Among some Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews (including Chassids), devout women often shave their hair and wear human hair wigs, for spiritual reasons.

Human hair wigs-full lace wigs and lace front wigs may also be worn for fun, as part of fancy dress (costume wearing), when they can be of outlandish color or made from tinsel. They are quite common at Halloween, when "rubber wigs" (solid bald cap-like hats, shaped like hair) are sold at some stores.

In England and most Commonwealth nations, special human hair wigs are also worn by barristers, judges, and certain parliamentary and municipal or civic officials as a symbol of the office. Until 1823 all bishops in the United Kingdom wore ceremonial wigs as well. The wigs worn by barristers are in the style favoured in the late eighteenth century. Judges’ wigs are, in everyday use as court dress, short like barristers’ wigs (although in a slightly different style) but for ceremonial occasions judges and also senior barristers (QCs) wear full bottomed wigs. In the eighteenth century such human hair wigs were made from real hair and powdered in order to give them their distinctive white or off-white colour. Powdering wigs was messy and inconvenient and the development of the naturally white or off white powderless wig (made of horsehair) is no doubt what has made the retention of wigs in everyday court dress a practical possibility.

In Jidaigeki, a genre of film and television, human hair wigs are used extensively to alter its casts’ hair styles to reflect Edo Period when most stories take place. Only a few starring in big-budgeted films and television series will grow their hair,so that it could be cut to a proper hair style instead of using a wig.

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