How to Maintain Different Texture Style Human Hair Lace Wigs

How to Maintain Different Texture Style Human Hair Lace Wigs

1: washing and hair conditioning is necessary, as well as lace front wig smaintenance of the most important aspects. Occasionally wash your human hair wigs unit, especially in the separation. Make sure you use the correct products - shampoo and air conditioning for the wig alone create.

2: providing high quality front lace wig moisturize your flower lace front wigs regularly. In addition, add a small amount of glycerin and water as well. After brushing the hair conditioning process, using a circular brush. The moisturizing hair wig dedicated, should be a daily practice - this will greatly help in maintaining it at any time to go frizzed. Good quality hair moisturizers work to improve your wig hair shiny. Under normal circumstances, you need to do, when it comes to the wavy / flower lace front wig maintenance is the most essential thing to prevent entanglement.

3: re-package knot wig each wash. The lace front wig Festival sealing machine. Results should not be applied directly to the sealing agent lace portion of the wig.

4: the wig stand delete wig stored overnight. Wig stand helps to maintain the shape of the BOB-wig. Straight hair lace front wig tangle less.

5: restrictions on the use of heat style of Bob and straight wig. The rollers and hair pins can be used to achieve different styles.

6: weave straight hair at night to sleep, full lace wig. Bob hair style and straight hair, you should use a scarf or sleep hood. Scarf or hat satin material.

7: Use light moisturizer to help maintain a shiny burn kinky texture of the wig. Heavy creams will be dragged down the wig shape and the damage caused by the loss.

8: Comb wig with a wide-toothed comb to comb if it is a straight style. Do not comb curly or wavy wig, because it will lead to frizzing. Style your wig due role. If you are using a flat iron or curls, use the lowest heat setting, in order to prevent damage, especially in the light-colored wig. Moisturize your cheap wig spray a little water when not in use every day. Wig wig stand or in a bag and covered with networks.

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  Comment:Great Seller!!!! Very Trustworthy ...........Excellent products...will purchase again
  Comment:When they say express, they mean express. I ordered my wig on a Sunday and received it on Wednesday. The wig is lovely and soft. I've worn it for a few days and have experienced no tangling or sheeding. I love it.
  Comment:Very high quality product and high grade service.
  Comment:I recieved my wig I like the wig but i wanted yaki, this wig is more silky straight but it's nice.