Instruction of Care Lace Wig

Instruction of Care Lace Wig
  • Instruction of Care Lace Wig


    1. Keep human hair wigs clean. We recommend that you at least once or weekly hair twice with warm water or cold water. Please wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, and other dust and sweat accumulate, hair tangles. Leave and other hair care products will create a hair and will lead to faster tangle too. If the hair feels dry or re-establish, it has a good shampoo and hair conditioner cleaning.

    2.spray hair conditioners and water mixture upward Before washing full lace wigs or lace front wigs, brush the hair . You must gradually wet hair and gently brush thoroughly before you wash your full lace wig or front lace wig. If the hair is very dry, immediately added a lot of water, the hair will swell up like sponge and tangle! Therefore, it is important to gradually wetting the hair and brush.

    3. After full lace wig or front lace wig is wet, spray shampoo and hair conditioner and brush thoroughly. Be suure to wash and brush the hair in one direction. Hair rinse with clean water and dry with a towel. This is the best air-dry the hair, but you can also blow dry from low to medium heat.

    4. Make sure you brush the full lace wig or front lace wig unit daily and apply some vacation conditioning, make hair soft, moisturizing. A good leave-in hair treatment can keep the hair dry. But remember not to put too much, otherwise you will have to establish and make the hair feel too heavy. If there are too many hair care products, hair feels too dry or too heavy, you should wash the hair completely in accordance with steps 2 and 3.

    5. Swimming, always wore a hat to avoid prolonged exposure to chlorine or salt water, make the hair tangle. Hair shampoo and conditioner must be washed immediately after swimming, these two types of water. Spa, brush out the hair should be completely wrapped in a cold wet towel.

    6.Make couple of big braids when to go to sleep, swim, or exercise (please untie the hair before making the braids). Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed.

    7. You can also be at home on leave diluted with water in the air conditioning regulator (10%) (90%). The application of mixed gently brush your hair from the end of last year to the top, close to the scalp hair. Although it is an important application in the regulator to keep the hair dry and leave, it is important to keep the hair clean washing the hair about twice a week, so that it does not create a build.

    8. Don’t color, perm, or do any extra chemical processes because it has been treated. Please take extra care blonde hair and light-colored hair. They are chemically treated than dark hair. Therefore, we will not be

    responsible for the results.

    9. Please check before using your full lace wig or front lace wig. Certainly, hair texture, color, length, quality is what you want. We will not assume responsibility for the hair, if not in its original state. Such as the refining of France and the European wave wet wavy hair, you can test curl away from other wetting a small part. The hair on the table, away from the other to pull a small part, spray some water, let it soak for about 15 seconds. Press and hold the top of the hair, and at the same time it is placed on the table, gently brush the wet part, looking at it from the bottom of the wave. Dry with a towel, and piling up the waves rise.

    10. Hair comes out weaves of weft easier than others, In such a case, you can glue or reinforce the weft before cleaning and washing your hair.

    Shampooing and conditioning your wig hair is not like shampooing your natural hair. Friction to shampoo your hair, as if it is a natural growth of hair may cause hair tangle. Here is a step-by-step method, we have to find the best professional shampoo and conditioner to your hair system. We recommend the methods to prevent the wound, you can perform in a plastic head modle, or wear your wigs or extensions when on shouder.